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steady burn, vol. 1, ed. 1

Here are the past week’s feats….

pacman rolls!

Pacman Jones exploited by the media yet again late Friday, and into early Saturday( Hard not to feel bad for this guy if you ask me.

Learned a lot from reading this story (concocted mainly of primate antics). For instance, I now know that Pacman indeed does roll on Shomer Shabbos.  I also learned that besides an affinity for cristal, strippers, guns and hookers, Pac also appreciates getting good ol’ fashion bowling alley drunk. Did I also read that Pacman was assualted? Hmmm, I guess that’s what happens when you’re under the impression that you get to do whatever it is you want, whenever you want, all the time…


It’s once again tournament time…praise allah. I’m watching the selection show with my buddy Cadigan last night, a die hard Georgetown fan, when he points out: “Belmont, sounds like a upset team.”

F-yeah it does Cadigan, you black Irish bastard.

If you look at the board every year, there are a handful of teams that just sound like upsetters. Seriously, Belmont sounds like a team that plays 6 to 8 Juco transfers, and a couple of white guys with really good fundamentals. I can’t wait for them to be up six with four minutes to play.  Also, this year I like VCU at an 11 and Old Dominion at a 12.  Taking down Duke and Butler respectively, then one of those teams is sweet sixteen bound.

You’d heard it here – arbitrarily and completed unjustified – first.


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